Saturday, March 31, 2007

Where is your humanity?

I'm glad I finally can start writing more posts for my blog after a 12-day trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It has been quite a busy and hectic life for me when I was away from blogging world. There are many stories and photos I would love to share with you. I will try to post them slowly and I hope you keep coming back checking my blog.

I will start from what I have left on the previous post, a story from my trip to Jakarta.
There are good and bad things I experienced during the trip to Jakarta. Meeting some old friends and family that I haven't seen for the past 7 years is one of the good things I had.
Witnessing how difficult life has been for those whose family member died because of Levina II incident and Garuda accident and also for my sis-in law who just lost her beloved mother is one of devastating experiences for me cause I really could not help much other than just some comforting words to lift up her spirit a little bit.

My ears turned red when my sis-in law told me about how she was cheated by the travel agent in Pekanbaru. She had paid some money to the travel agent but they never booked her on her requested flight. So when she arrived at the airport after a long 4-hour journey through the jungle, she was refused to checked in because her name was never there and the travel agent refused to help saying that they never got a call from her to confirm the booking. How could these people take advantage on her when she just lost her mother, her son had very high fever, she had a high blood pressure herself and her husband and her other son were waiting for her to come back home soon? She's gone really mad at these people. She was about to call the police to report them but at the end they agreed to issue her 2 tickets for her and her son.

Damn! How could they do that to their own people? I thought the jungle is 4 hours away but looks like the jungle way of life is not in the jungle but in the city.
Too many tragic things happened because people take things for granted. They do not care about other people. They only learn when tragic things really happen and the worst part is some people can still take advantage over your miseries. Oh God! Life is harsh in Indonesia.
If you can survive today, you'll better pray hard that you'll survive tomorrow too.

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