Saturday, March 17, 2007

Souvenir from Jakarta - part 1

I'm finally back in Malaysia. I feel so good to be back home. Home sweet home...:) Yeah, I feel 'home' more in Malaysia than in my own country. My trip there for 3 weeks has confirmed this.

22 Feb 2007:
I departed to Jakarta by Air Asia from LCCT, Sepang, with my son and my maid. My son was very happy. He loves planes so much and to be in the plane has always been in his dream. He was such a good boy that didn't make too much noise and prefered to sleep during the flight. On the other side of the aisle, a family sat with their daughter who is the same age as my son. I could see that the parents were trying hard to control their daughter who cried and screamed alot during the flight. Unfortunately, there was a man sitting in front of the family and really felt so disturbed by the little girl. I personally felt sorry for the parents. I really could understand how hard it is to control a 2-year old child in a limited space. The man was very angry and threatened to hit the little girl if the father couldn't control her and he always compared my son (who was asleep all the time) with her. Of course the father was very angry with the man. They ended up arguing until the plane landed in Soekarno-Hatta airport and they still continued fighting when both got out of the aircraft. The airport securities tried their best to calm both men down but the father was too upset with the situation. We met up again when we were queuing to get a visa on arrival for my son. The little girl played with my son and she was very upset when my son had to go away.
In my opinion, the man should not feel that upset and even threaten to hit other people's child. No one is allowed to hit a child! Not even the parents! If he has problem with children screaming and crying, why didn't he move and sit somewhere else? It's Air Asia he was taking for God's sake! It's free seating. The father has all the right to feel upset with that man.
Anyway, I finally met up with my parents who picked me up at the airport. The weather was very hot and quite dusty, plus, my parents car has no air cond!
My dad loves to take inner road (non-toll road) which is free but very congested and crowded.There are more and more people selling stuffs on the road sides compared to 10 years ago. I nearly couldn't see the road. I felt even hotter inside the car.
When I arrived at my parents' house, the 7pm news just started and there was news about the Levina Boat on fire at Java sea; and the news continued everyday.

23 Feb 2007:
Stayed at home the whole day. Resting and trying to adjust with the hot & dusty weather and mosquitoes in Jakarta.

24 Feb 2007:
At 10am, my dad drove me, my son, and my maid to Dakken Cafe in Kemang for me to attend a meeting with We r mommies but before we proceeded to Kemang, we picked up my mom first at her office.
It took us 3 hours to reach Kemang from Cengkareng. It was just heavy traffic jam along the way and too many traffic lights. When we arrived at Dakken, there were many people, including the guest speakers were caught traffic jam as well. It has become a norm to be late in Jakarta because of the traffic. My parents waited outside the Cafe for 4 hours. They refused to go in and refused to go anywhere because of the traffic. They just stayed in the car and slept.
The meeting was reported at here. See my face there??..he..he..he..

25 Feb 2007:
Got a news from my sis-in-law that her mother was dying because of her high blood pressure too high. She cried to my mom. She felt so helpless being so far away from her beloved mother. She stays in Jogya (Java Island) and her mother stayed in a jungle in Duri, Riau (Sumatera Island). My sis in-law's mom lived in a jungle alone because the father had to work in Medan. Her high blood pressure often came back because of the fear of living in the jungle alone. At one time she was chased by an elephant in the jungle.
My mom cried to hear the news. She asked her daughter-in-law to fly right away to see her mother in Riau. Unfortunately, there were no flights that day and the next day so she had to fly on Monday.

26 Feb 2007:
My sis-in-law gave us the news that her mother was sent to the emergency room in a hospital in the city. She was very devastated. We were all very sad to hear the news. We tried to establish communication with her father in Duri but there was easy to contact him.

27 Feb 2007:
My sis-in-law and her 3-year old son flew to Pekanbaru, Riau (there is no airport in Duri). Pekanbaru is the nearest airport from Duri. She departed Jogja around 7am and arrived in Pekanbaru at around 11.30am. From Pekanbaru she had to take a chartered bus. Under normal circumstances, it takes about 4 hours to arrive Duri from Pekanbaru by bus. Unfortunately, when my sis-inlaw was just about to arrived at the hospital where her mother had been, she got caught in a traffic jam caused by people doing demonstration on the street and at the same time, she received the news from her father that her mother had just passed away...
She was histerical. She was extremely upset with everything. She couldn't go anywhere near the hospital with her son and her bags. To add to her sadness, her son was having a very high fever and she herself has got her high blood pressure to 150. We received the sad news from my brother who at that time had to stay at home to take care the other son and was very sick as well. My bro cried when he passed the news to us. He felt so helpless. He was very worried about his wife and his 3-year old son. My mom called my sis-inlaw on the handphone and she cried to my mom once again. I was numb. I couldn't say a word. I tried to digest the news and tried to put my self in her shoes. I know I felt very sad and very devastated too.
At the end, my sis in law reached the hospital at 8pm.
I have to stop here now and will continue the story on the next post.

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