Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In the name of “Bureaucracy” – story from Jogjakarta

Everyday I try to keep on updating myself with the news from Jogjakarta by reading newspapers and internet news, by watching CNN/BCC, and by calling my parents.
Though I prefer to get the news directly from the affected people but it’s not easy to call directly to Jogjakarta from overseas. So, I can only call my parents who are getting news from my family members at the affected areas.

All the news I read and hear is just like a sharp knife piercing my heart deeply. Everything in Jogjakarta and other affected areas such as Klaten, Prambanan, and Bantul is so familiar to me. I just went there 2 months ago. Everything was very beautiful. The people were happy and friendly. I could always see their beautiful smiles on their faces. Never did we know that for some of them, it was the last smile I saw.

Today, it’s been 3 days since the disaster struck. It’s been 3 days these people have no proper place to stay, no proper food to eat and no proper cloths to wear. The only cloth they wear is the one they have been wearing since the doomsday. They stay under a piece of plastic just to cover their heads from the rain water that adds to all the pains they have been trying to cope. Some of them are a little bit luckier they get 2 boxes of instant noodles to be shared with their 19 family members for 3 days. They have to put so much water to make the noodle just like a bowl of thick porridge.

I thought the aids are pouring from all over the world. I thought the world has pledge to help by sending all the basic needs such as food, cloths, medications, tents, and some cash. But unfortunately, all of these have not been distributed yet in the name of bureaucracy. Can you imagine, my friends? These people already have enough suffering still they have to produce any kinds of proof that they belong to the affected area just to get the food. For god sake, these people are starving already. How the hell they have to remember to bring their identity cards when they have to evacuate so that they can get some food later? They don’t even know where to look for their identity cards. Their houses don’t exist anymore. It’s ridiculous!

Since these people are desperate for something to eat, they are forced to BUY some food on their own. They swarm 1 supermarket that has survived from the earthquake. Some people who survived are trying to make profit from the situation by increasing the price of basic needs. Oh well, I believe this story sounds familiar to you. If you remember Aceh – the Tsunami story, you will understand what kind of bureaucracy I am talking about. If you want to help the earthquake victims in Indonesia, I suggest you make sure your donations reach the people who need them the most A.S.A.P. But unfortunately, it is not going to be ‘that’ easy. I don’t even know how to help my own brother and his family who are in desperate need of some food and milk for his 2 sons. It’s hard for me to swallow the food every time I eat when I know my brother, his wife and his 2 children have nothing to eat. I hope God will help us to help these desperate people.

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