Monday, March 14, 2011

Little swimmers

Hello everyone! How are you doing? It's been ages I never update my blog.
Before I continue writing this blog, I would like to give my 2-minute silent to pray for the victims of recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan and other countries affected by the tsunami...


In this post, I would love to share with you all my two beautiful children swimming together to welcome summer in Philippines. For my 2 years old daughter, it was her first time swimming independently without me by her side. Usually she's always so afraid to swim by herself. But on that day, the moment I finished putting on the armband floaty, she run to the pool together with her 6 years old brother. The weather was beautiful and the water was warm. There were no one else swimming in the clubhouse swimming pool. So, it was like our private swimming pool... :-)

On this coming May, it will be 2 years for us to live in Philippines. Wow! 2 years already! Time really flies! Praise the Lord! We have celebrated 2 Halloweens, 2 Christmases, and going to celebrate 2 Easters here. I think we have found a place we can call 'home'. So far life has been treating us well here in Philippines. We met more and more friends and we are a lot more welcome now that we can understand and speak Tagalog pretty well.
I hope this will last a little bit longer because my husband has a habit of moving house every 2 years... :(

As you can see from the video, my children seem happy to grow up here. they have many friends too. They've been attending so many birthday parties, from the most simple party to the most extravagant birthday party... :D
I often ask my son if he loves his school and his friends. He really does love everything here. He adjusted well. He has learned to speak Tagalog for a year now. He can go to his school canteen to buy something using Tagalog. I'm proud of him. I'm glad that he is able to adapt to many changes without any difficulties.

My 2 years old daughter is growing up well too. She speaks very fluent English (and some words in Tagalog because my helper speaks Tagalog). I haven't introduce my mother tongue which is bahasa Indonesia to her. I will do it soon though as she has been visiting my home country too. I'm sure she won't be too confused anymore. She is like her daddy who is capable in learning foreign language pretty quickly. She grew up to be a very beautiful little girl, very talkative, very brave (like G.I. Jean - this is how my friend calls her). My little girl is witty too. Her face is like her daddy, but her behavior is just like me... :) We are very blessed to have her to complete our family.

I hope you enjoy the video. I'm glad I'm able to capture this moment.

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novita darmawan said...

i miss Maria so much... ^^