Friday, March 21, 2008

No dress for a giant

Ipoh is definitely not a place to shop for big size pregnant woman like me. I have been looking for a formal party dress to wear to my friend's wedding party but until today I still cannot find one. I am very frustrated. This is the 2nd week I have been going in and out any women apparel shops in Ipoh just to get a piece of formal dress that fits me. The choices are really limited even for small frame non-pregnant women, let alone for the big frame and pregnant ones.

I did find some models that are beautiful and suit my taste but unfortunately the biggest size the shops have is M-size... :( Even the free-size dress could not fit me because I have big boobs, big butts, and of course, a growing belly.

Oh I miss my personal tailor, Mrs. Junita. She is the greatest tailor I've ever known. She used to make beautiful dresses especially for me. When I had to attend special occasions, my mom would take me to her or she just needed to inform Mrs. Junita that I needed a beautiful dress. A week later I could collect that dress and it just suited me perfectly. Mrs. Junita knew my size very well. The last gown Mrs. Junita made for me was my wedding gown. Since I got married, I've been living so far away from her and my dress size has changed tremendously.

Since Ipoh isn't a place to find cloths for giants like me, I really have to start looking for great tailor that can design and sew special attire for me. In the mean time, I will have to expand the area of hunting to neighboring states either Penang or Selangor. Oh no...3 hours driving just to get a dress??

Update: I finally found 1 very beautiful dress in a boutique shop that sells specially made gowns/dresses for special people like me... :D


Anonymous said...

Are you pregnant again? How many kids do you have now? congratulations!!

-Joanne from USA

coffeeliqueur said...

Yes Joanne, thank u. I'm pregnant with the 2nd one.

eclecticube said...

We do have dresses that might be suitable for you. We have sold a few dresses for L-XL sized individuals..
:) Just visit us at
It's definitely cheaper than what you see in boutiques :)