Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Let's get busy

It's 6:08pm when I started to write this post and I have been up and have been working for 12 hours straight. No lunch break and no shower yet for the whole day...wha..ha..ha.. :D

Excuse the smell but I really need to finish my work for today. Once I finish writing this post, I'll fly to take a shower and have my 1st meal for the day. Fuih!! I'm starving now that I realize I haven't eaten the whole day. I only had a cup of decaf with creamer in the morning to wake me up a bit.

After being absent for more than a month, today, I'm trying to revive my items sold on eBay Malaysia. This is my 2nd online store actually. My 1st online store is at http://artatyourleisure.multiply.com.

I have been selling stuffs online for 1.5 years now. I've received 100% positive feedbacks from my customers who were happy to deal with me.
Lately, ebay Malaysia has upgraded its website and service. It started to apply charges on some services which were free. But I still have to use it until I can have my own domain name.

Unlike my 1st online store, Art at your leisure, which concentrate mostly on art and craft projects, my 2nd online store on eBay Malaysia sells many different things which are good bargain, unique, and beautiful. Since the items are located in Malaysia, I use Ringgit Malaysia for the price. The price is very reasonable (some are very cheap) especially if you earn Pound sterling/Euro for a living... ;P
You can check it out. My items are great for gifts for people you love and care about. I use Pos Malaysia to ship my item.

This is the least I can do to help my husband to pay the bill. I know this is nothing at all compared to the amount stated on the bills...whe..he..he.. :D
At least this will keep me really really busy (honestly! Working at home is a lot busier than working in the office) and this will also exercise my multitasking skill to the maximum to compete with the Intel Processor... ;) so that I learn to manage my time well and prioritize my duty as a mother, a house-queen, a home-based businesswomen while still trying to stay fit by going to the gym and exercise regularly. Geez, 24 hours is never enough!

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