Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A nearly perfect vacation

After a long vacation, I am finally back home and I have tons of things to post to my blog but time is not on my side yet. I still have to clean up my smelly house and help my son and my self to cope with the terrible jet lag. We still sleep and stay awake at odd hours...:)
On the day we arrived back home, my son and I slept for more than 15 hours!! When we woke up, we were starving and were very thirsty. We just woke up to eat whatever we had and drank a lot of water to avoid dehydration then went back to sleep...:D Amazing!...whe..he..he..

This vacation was one of the best vacations I have ever had in my life. My son and I have discovered and learnt so many new things in life; different food, drinks, people, places, cultures, languages, habits, etc. It is amazing that we managed to stay fit and to go through every challenges that arose during our trips, especially for my son (he is not even 3 years old yet).

On the first week of our vacation, my son and I didn't have problem with the food and drink because I brought 1 tin of Pediasure milk from home for my son. Pediasure really helps maintaining the important nutrition in my son's body to boost his immune system. So, he could stay fit and strong to do all activities such as climbing the mountains, playing and running around in the forest collecting wild strawberries (things that he wouldn't do at home).

Coming to second week, I started to see problems because I couldn't find the same type of milk for my son. I went around to every supermarket around the place I stayed and had to stop ladies with toddlers same age as my son, using my body language to ask which type of milk is suitable for my son cause I didn't understand the language at all... :(
I grabbed every kind of milk recommended by those ladies and tried them to my son but to my horror, none of them suited my son's taste! He vomited and refused to drink milk at all unless the milk has the same taste as his Pediasure or his Progress (from S-26 family), which has Vanilla taste. I was so hopeless. I couldn't find vanilla milk for 1-3years old kid. So, I tried to look at the UHT milk counter and I found them! I could read the word "Vanilla Milch" and "kinder" there!Thank God! I bought 1 first to see if my son would like it or not. I gave it to him and he liked it!Thank God again!
So, this vanilla milch u.h.t has solved my son's milk problem.
But there is another problem; food. My son got tired of eating potato and bread on every meal and he kept on asking for some rice until he dreamt about it. While asleep he kept on telling me that he wanted to eat rice. Oh no!
The restaurant in our B&B does serve some rice but it's definitely not Asian style rice. Occasionally, my son did take it when he was very hungry and desperate for some food but when he is not desperate, he is one very picky little man!
The nearest chinese restaurant is 1.5 hours away by foot (by taxi is less than 10 minutes but too expensive for such a short distance). Everyday, I had to walk for 3 hours, rain or shine, up and down just to get my son a bowl of rice. It was a really really good way to loose some weight for me...:D I did loose 3KGs! I really didn't mind at all though. I walked through the corn and strawberry fields. The view was amazing and the air was so fresh, apart from the smell of horses... :D The sky was the limit. I also had to walk along the train track and my son just loved it so much because every time the train passed us by, he would see the train engineer waved at us and my son would just so happy to wave back at him.
So, that's how I solved the rice problem and at the same time solved my overweight problem as well. Kill two birds with 1 stone indeed.. :D

During our stay in Austria, we visited Salzburg and Vienna as well. Too bad I missed visiting Innsbruck, Linz, and Klagenfurt. Not enough time. Innsbruck is more than 400km away from Graz. It's around the same distance to Venice in Italy. I was thinking to go to Venice but traveling only with my son would not be a convenient way to enjoy the trip. Besides, I was afraid my son would be too tired. It was very important not to stretch his immune system too much.

We visited places near Graz such as St. Jacob im Walde (my previous post), Austria Open-Air Museum (Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum) in Stübing, Zotter chocolate factory, Riegersburg, and Elfenberg (zoo on top of the mountain). Of course I didn't miss out Graz itself. My favorite hang out place in Graz are Mur island, Hauptplaz and Jacominiplaz (where I could enjoy the best ice cream in the world so far, "Ice temmel"). This ice cream is best to be eaten during cold weather otherwise it melts too quickly.

Until now, I can still 'imagine' the taste of ice temmel... :P
My son and I really enjoyed our trip to Austria. The country is very beautiful, clean, and green but the living cost is very high. If only Ringgit is accepted there...hiks..hiks.. :'( I can not afford to stay too long there. I had to go home quick before running out of cash... :D

So, now I'm here back in the lovely small city of Ipoh. Honestly, Ipoh is comparable to Graz because Ipoh is also clean, beautiful, and green. Living cost is extremely cheap too... :D Oh, we also have tunnel here on the way to Penang but of course it's not as long as the ones along autobahn A9. There is no radio and phone receptions when you are in.

Just when I was about to say "what a perfect vacation", I had a bad news from the airlines I took on the way back to Malaysia. They could not find my luggage still!! Aiyaaaa!! What a nightmare!! Yeap! Lost my luggage and all the things inside including all souvenirs I bought for people I love. Crap!Crap!Crap! Nothing is perfect in this world anyway. I just have to accept it that way... :(

Oh, before I end this post, I want to recommend some great websites for more information about cities in Austria:
http://www.elfenberg.at (zoo on top of the mountain)
http://www.zotter.at (zotter chocolate)
I highly advise you that you plan your vacation well. Just Google it if you need more information. You can save time and money by planning your vacation and get as much as information you can get about the places you want to go.

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btw, u were an air hostess -- u of all ppl should know that checking electronics into the hold is just asking for stolen baggage!!